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Since ShoppingTechnology® software is built in Adobe's ColdFusion environment, we are planning on deploying our trademark web builder & shopping cart software on an Amazon's EC2 CF9 cloud, currently under beta testing by Adobe, once it is released officially.

- What is this about?

Adobe is helping its customers move to the cloud with ColdFusion in two ways. New instance-based licensing with ColdFusion 9 enables developers to install ColdFusion 9 on virtual instances in the cloud environment of their choice to prototype, develop, test and host ColdFusion applications.

Secondly, an Amazon Machine Image of ColdFusion 9 is now available as a private beta, which uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) technologies to provide highly scalable, highly reliable, on-demand technology resources. For more information, click here

- Why?

- ColdFusion 9 accelerates the development cycle by reducing complex and powerful business logic into a few lines of code, Adobe said. ColdFusion 9 applications easily access data from existing enterprise infrastructure, including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office files and Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) portlet standards, Adobe said

- Cloud environments allow ShoppingTechnology® to seamlessly scale applications on demand and simplify the management of its application environment by removing the need to procure and manage servers. With a few clicks, you can have a new instance up and running and be ready to deploy your ColdFusion applications.

Key benefits to ShoppingTechnology®'s customers will be, but not limited to, high levels of security, reliability, performance, customization and service. Yet we can still scale quickly, optimize our hardware resources and get utility billing for VMs (Virtual Machines)—which are some of the benefits that make clouds so appealing in the first place. Think of it as getting the best of the cloud combined with the best of managed hosting—without the limitations of either.

Plans are in place to deploy ShoppingTechnology®'s software on a Hybrid Cloud, where the application sits on a scalable & robust cloud, while the database server remains at ShoppingTechnology®'s facilities for the time being, allowing us to fully control the security of your data.