ShoppingTechnology® markets to a broad  demographic spectrum, including small to medium business owners/administrators, and professional organizations seeking to develop and extend marketing influence toward a special common interest (Niche Marketing). Additionally, the ShoppingTechnology® software is the perfect application for social groups to promote their group and interest.

The design structure of the ShoppingTechnology® software allows the site owner/administrator to create a parent ecommerce website offering products for sale and distribution; as well as a social network web site offering blog, video, image and communication. The parent website owner/administrator can elect to invite friends and likeminded individuals sharing common affinity to become members of the parent web site social network. Membership allows members to assist in the promotion of the parent ecommerce web site by creating a “child” ecommerce web site promoting all of the products featured in the parent web site. Each invited member, in turn, may invite his/her friends and associates to join the member’s social web site. The child website awarded to each invited member is an automatically created, dynamically updated iteration of the parent website. The child eCommerce site requires no management, no time commitment & no programming/technical experience on the part of the member.

A member receives:

A personalized edition of the parent eCommerce store, establishing the member as commission earning affiliate

A unique personalized fully functional social network website that allows the member to display profile, photos, videos, music, blog, & invite friends to join. Additionally, the member child website allows for tracking, sales & earned revenue automatically.

Site Owner/Administrator gets:

A well designed social networking site that is open to infinite growth

A powerful Content Management Software (CMS) that controls the entire site, its network and members.


To explore a live example of ShoppingTechnology®, please visit MSR community @ clicking here